Wear your wrist

Hands have always had great importance. Hands have made civilisations possible. With them we have created wonderful stuff. Additionally, a pretty hand plays a very important role on people's aesthetics.

Since a very long time watches have taken hold of women's and men's wrists. They passed from being inside the pockets to be worn in public as something that gives distinction. In Carrick we propose you this, dress up your wrist. With one of these bracelets you will dress in an elegant and simple way, you can wear it daily or in special occasions.

The Carrick universe is surrounded by references to the nautical world. The sea represents freedom, a wild world, dynamic and at the same time elegant with its own playing rules. All of this makes it special. If you love the sea, Carrick is for you. It will help you carry it always and have it always present, wherever you are.