About us

Sailor, you have reached a special place, a different place. Something has captivated you and brought you here. Maybe our treasures or maybe just the waves have dragged you to our ship. Before you embark with us the captain thinks you should know something: 

So that you understand what the Carrick universe means, we would like to explain who is behind. We are two young people interested in fashion, design and the entrepreneurial world. We like things well done and we always bet on quality. Engineers of formation, restless by nature, good friends and with something very important in common: we were born and live in a coastal city. That's where everything comes from, passion for the sea and fashion. Both concepts complement each other providing life, dynamism and energy. Despite its simplicity this combination does not go unnoticed, with subtlety it becomes elegant. 

We are aware that many people, each with their motives, miss the sea, the waves and that sense of relief when you walk along the beach. We intend that these people can always take to the sea with them. Anyone who lives near the coast can surely understand what we mean. 

Among all those who have related in some way to this ship, you can distinguish two types of people. There are those who come to sail together and always stay close to the sea. But there are also others who have launched into the adventure inland away from the sound of the waves and need something that makes them feel at home. 

Finally we want to tell you an anecdote. The name of the ship, Carrick, comes from a knot used in the nautical world. It is used when connecting two ropes that are extremely rigid to be joined by conventional knots. It not only contributes functionally, but also aesthetically through its design. Like our bracelets, they are not conventional, they are original, simple and aesthetic. Now that you know who we are and what we offer, allow us to enter your name on our crew list. Join us in this adventure. 

Captain Carrick 

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